The Paid Search Sweet Spot

paid search

It was an average ad position of 2.5 in paid search. We couldn’t explain why, but some how if our average ad position was 2.5, then the average cpc, conversion rate and customer value all aligned to hit our targets. It was basic math. By why 2.5? We couldn’t say, but we dubbed it “The

Google Adwords Spring Cleaning

Getting ready for spring, Google will help clear out some of the account junk you’ve accumulated over the year. Starting March 23, unused ads over 100 days old will go away. This is a good move, but if you are not aware, then you’ll be surprised by what you don’t see in the last week

Google AdWords Drops Four Data Points

I’ve often cautioned clients about “over consuming” data. I’m a data geek, but I know that data you can not use often clouds the data you can. The news that Google Adwords is reducing the number of columns (Google, the data Geek of the world) because advertisers are confused by too much adwords data shows