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Content Marketing

Content marketing involves the development of valuable information in multi-media formats distributed in relevant channels to engage the target audience. On this path, social, email and targeted content sites are all part of the distribution and sharing mechanism for content marketing. Graphics, video, whitepapers, blogs and more constitute the basic assets of a program. Not all assets or channels apply to every program. A well designed Content Marketing program outlines the objectives, strategies and then detailed tactics (like any good marketing program). Before we rush to produce content, we are clear with clients on the objectives and strategies.

Social Media Marketing

To ensure digital communication consistency we combine social media communication and email marketing calendars.  For our clients, we do a combination of social media profile development, email template creation, and editorial/messaging calendar development. With the plan in place, we manage messaging execution and work with client's marketing automation applications. Our projects can be inclusive of all or any of these steps.

For social, email & content marketing you can expect:

  • Monthly email content calendar
  • Set up of the email campaigns
  • Email template design
  • Subject line & content testing
  • Reporting and analytics

For Social media, Fanatically Digital will work with you on:

  • Profile design and setup (or modifications)
  • Content calendar (compliments the email if run together)
  • Social media monitoring and reporting
  • Messaging and response

Email marketing

Email marketing, though a commonly used term rarely lives in isolation. The best programs include social and are now often tied to other digital marketing through marketing automation applications. Email marketing works best as part of an overall communications program, tying into social media initiatives, advertising, and sales programs.

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