Pay Per Click Management

As a PPC agency, we specialize in search engine marketing, leveraging Google, Bing, & Yahoo, while also expanding our clients' programs to additional PPC channels as their metrics warrant. We manage PPC programs on a flat fee, percent of media, or hourly basis depending on what fits best our clients' needs. Contact us at 800.861.9940 to discuss your program.


A Chicago PPC Marketing Agency

We believe in close working relationships with our clients

Digital Services Include:

  • Search Marketing Campaigns
  • Google Shopping Campaigns
  • Remarketing & Custom Audience
  • PPC & CPM Display Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising

Fanatically Digital Marketing Services:

  • Align with our client’s strategy
  • Start with an in-depth plan
  • Are based on detailed keyword research
  • Are continually optimized

To get the most out of paid search for our clients, we work closely with them to optimize the click to conversion performance (CRO). Based on the client, we optimize the PPC program for the revenue, leads or engagement. If our clients have multiple objectives for their paid search programs, we'll manage the PPC to each objective, clearly reporting performance and articulating the steps we take to increase the PPC ROI.

PPC Strategy

We start with an in-depth discussion with our clients about their business goals, and how paid search on sites such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, & smaller search sites, aligns with their objectives. From this, we form the basis for a strategic paid search plan catered to our client’s needs.

PPC Research

Going beyond the basic PPC keyword research that serves as the foundation of each search program, Fanatically Digital conducts a full paid search competitive landscape review with a focus on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.

PPC Management

We create and manage the full scope of paid search programs in Google AdWords, Bing Search, Yahoo! Gemini, as well as minor search engines and social PPC programs, with a focus on client ROI.


What Sets Our PPC Marketing Apart

Okay, now that you’ve heard about the same things that every other PPC agency also says, here’s what sets us apart. If these things don’t matter to you, then any PPC agency will do.

PPC Campaign Transparency We give our clients access to our own management system. You need to know what is going on, or at least have the ability to know. You have people to answer to, and one of the questions may just be “how do you know?” Well, you’ve seen it. It’s not always pretty, or easy. But it is always real and accessible. If we can’t be honest, then we can’t have a real relationship.

  • You’ll never be surprised
  • You can report to internal stakeholders with confidence
  • You can justify the budgets, even in the initial program phases.

Performance Accountability. We work with our clients to set targets, in SEO, SEM, paid media, everything. Not flimsy things like, “it’ll be better” but real targets, numbers that we match results against using analytics and optimization platforms. We show how we plan to get there and then if we miss, we don’t hide, we show why. We correct and move on. Too often a search marketing agency will spend more energy trying to persuade you that things are great, rather than trying to make things great. We don’t hide. We work...hard.

You’ll know the value you are getting from your PPC spending. Clear cost per sale or action. ROI where we can track through to the sale.

Start to finish. Some directions, particularly in PPC, require resources many clients don’t have. Site changes or technical implementations, or just plain bandwidth can cause problems for clients. We step in to ensure resources are available to implement the needed changes. You shouldn’t pay for advice you can apply.

Don’t get frustrated by search marketing agency services that can’t be implemented. Give us a call at (800) 861-9940.