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Digital Marketing: The Long View

Since it’s beginning, digital marketing has been thought of as the medium that can move quickly. Make a change to your AdWords account, and it shows up almost immediately. Change your display ad, and the ad server will start delivering the new one right away. This ability to have a nearly immediate response to our


5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire SEO Experts

Frustrated by the fact that your business’s website just isn’t rising in the search engine rankings? Tired of seeing a growing visitor count, but not an increase in your conversion rate? Just feel like your competitors have a stronger digital marketing and SEO strategy than you currently do? If so, then you may need to

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8 Signs Your Company Should Hire Local SEO Experts

Local SEO cannot be ignored in today’s augmented marketing reality. 72% of consumers who research a product online will visit a local retailer within a 5-mile radius after the initial discovery period. 86% of those consumers will look up a business’ location on Google Maps. 78% of local searches result in an online purchase, as