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A Google Partner Agency

Google Partner Badge 210For most PPC advertisers, Google AdWords consumes the majority of their ad dollars and attention. Managing these programs requires expertise in AdWords in particular. Our PPC specialists are Certified in AdWords. Our experience spans the suite of Google services including:

Adwords Paid Search

Paid search is an art and a science. With AdWords paid search platform, marketers can connect with prospects at all stages of their search path. By understanding the nuances of the AdWords platform we can leverage reporting, shared libraries and bulk operations among other capabilities to run Adwords programs efficiently for our clients.

By leveraging hyper-focused match type strategies, our clients’ programs are managed to exacting metrics. The AdWords strategy allows us to identify and incorporate new keywords or negative keywords quickly to optimize the programs at a much faster pace.

Depending on our clients’ programs, we leverage any number of the tools built into AdWords including custom scripts, bulk operations, and automation rules. While not every tool is applicable to every program, being experienced in the AdWords tools allow us to bring great results in search to our clients.

TrueView Video Ads

Google provides one of the best platforms for video advertising. Leveraging in-stream ads puts our client’s video ad in other videos people may be watching. We leverage the exposure of and connection to other videos. Only if the person view 30 seconds or the full video (the shorter of the two) are we charged by Google. This is great exposure with the likelihood of paying only when someone is interested in the video content.

TrueView in-display ads allow us to promote videos throughout YouTube and Google display network and only pay when a person clicks to view the video. We can target content, interest, and demos throughout GND and YouTube.

Google Display Network

Google Display Network (GDN) has come a long way. With targeting based on interest, demographics, remarketing, look-a-like email profiles and more, we can leverage GDN to get your display ads in front of the right audience. By creating well-defined targets, we cater messaging and landing pages not just base on the product or service, but also based on the way individual users are shopping. Well structured campaigns can lead to great results.

Google Shopping / Product listing

Online Merchants have to participate in Google Shopping to take full advantage of Adwords search reach. With well-written product feeds and a great product mix, merchants can gain exposure to Google’s huge search share. Google uses its algorithms to determine how your products relate to the users’ searches. So, well-written product titles and descriptions are key to appearing in the most relevant search results.

Google Partners Certified

We are comprised of paid search professionals who are certified by Google in the Google Partners Program. The certification process ensures we have learned and are capable of executing AdWords programs for our clients. In addition to the certification, we bring a decade plus of search engine marketing experience so we understand when ‘best practices’ are not enough and we inject a bit of ingenuity into our clients’ programs.

As an agency we meet and adhere to Google’s criteria for a Google Partner Agency. This ensures that we have certified staff to manage your program, and have the experience necessary to run Adwords programs well. With decades of experience in managing programs to engagement, leads, and revenue, we can help our clients to reach virtually any paid search objective.

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