SEO Agency


SEO Agency

The organic search rankings have become more competitive than ever and their importance to growing your business cannot be overstated. But with such fierce competition within search engine rankings, it’s difficult, if not impossible to break onto the first page of results without proper expertise. That’s where Fanatically Digital comes in.

Optimizing From Experience

We know the right questions to ask and we have the tools to find the answers. Decades of experience in the search engine marketing has given us the insight and intuition to optimize your website to its full potential. We possess the technical and creative expertise necessary to bump your website up in the rankings and drive leads and revenue to your business.

Chicago SEO Company

A Chicago SEO Company

Based in Chicago, Fanatically Digital specializes in optimizing for local small-medium sized business. However, our client base spans the entire country. No matter where you’re based, we’ll work closely with you to create a comprehensive localized SEO strategy.

Our Past SEO Work

The advertising may be digital, but the relationships are all about the people. We’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best clients in the world. Our consulting work has taken us around the globe and our core client group challenges us to always create what's next in digital advertising.

More Than Keywords

It is one thing to be able to conduct some keyword research and tell you what words people are using.

But, it is another to understand your business and help you turn the research insights into actions that make sense for your business. 

So it is not just a question of keywords, but how to position the copy and flow on your site and integrate with your conversions. 

Technical SEO

All too often we see websites that, on the surface, appear to be very well optimized yet still struggle in the rankings.

But when we dive into the code, we find the site is littered with technical issues the owner had no idea existed-such as site speed, robots.txt, sitemap.xml, broken links, and more. 

We make sure that your site is as sound underneath the hood as it is on the surface.

Diversify Your Lead Sources

Sometimes Google’s organic search results aren’t the best place to acquire leads. Perhaps sources like Pinterest, or Google Images, or social media platforms are a more effective spot to receive traffic.

Fanatically Digital can help establish new traffic sources and generate diverse sets of leads to your site.

Website Development

 A giant part of digital marketing is creating content that is both relevant to search engines and delivers exactly what your users are looking for.

We assist with website development and content creation that search engines recognize, users appreciate, and will earn you the conversions you’re looking for.


Creating Partnerships

At Fanatically Digital, we don’t believe in using gimmicks and sales tricks or cherry-picking the data to look like progress. We work hard to earn your trust. And we know that successful digital marketing doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why we believe in creating long-term partnerships built on trust and results. We're the Chicago SEO Agency you can count on.

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